An assistive technology for Aiding Medical Non-adherence.

Role: User Experience Researcher, User Experience Designer, iOS Developer. I principally owned the UX Research to understand our personas for both the pill dispenser and the mobile app, as well as the UX Design and Software Development of the iOS mobile application.

Timeline: 3 months.

Tools: Xcode, Swift, Google Firebase, Python, 3D Printer and Adobe XD.

Team: Rosanna Ottomano, Giuseppe Veloce, Petter Jakobsson, Ellen Sigloch, and Priscilla Nini Ikhena (myself).

Research Paper: MedCare - Designing Assistive Technology for Aiding Medical Non-adherence.

Github Files: MedCare


Assistive Technology (AT) has become essential in everyday life due to an increasing number of people with chronic disease, the aging population, as well as the lack of new care-taking paradigms.

As one possible solution to reduce forgetting to taking medications on time, we designed a connected portable pill dispenser for patients and care recipients, called MedCare.

MedCare is an IoT portable pill dispenser, that enables care-recipients remember to take their pills at the right time. MedCare also comes with a MedCare iOS application, which enables caretakers check in on their care-recipients who own MedCare pill dispensers.

With both the portable dispenser and the mobile application, the goal of the project was to also help patients and care-takers create a routine that enables patients take their medication on time, even when in inconvenient situations. The application was also designed to foster a relationship between the patient/care-recipient, and their informal care-taker.


The MedCare portable pill dispenser was 3D printed in two colours, blue and black. We opted for a case that is easily graspable, and ergonomic, while not revealing its content.


The dispenser was created using a Raspberry Pi, to keep track of when the pill dispenser is open or closed, at the time the patient needs to take his/her pill. At the time they’re meant to take it, the pill dispenser makes a sound, or vibrates, based on the user’s settings. This part was written in Python.

If the patient misses their pill at the given time, after a few reminders, the dispenser sends an alert to the our Firebase database, which in turn alerts the care-taker’s iOS application (developed in Swift, also connected to the same Firebase database). All of this happens in real-time.




On the 15th of May, 2019, our project was selected to demo at the annual Paris-Saclay Innovation Playground event, on their ProtoBus.

We received a lot of great feedback, and people who stopped by the ProtoBus, got a chance to try out the pill-dispensers and mobile app.

setting up right before the event, I was over the moon. :D

setting up right before the event, I was over the moon. :D


Watch the video below to go behind the scenes with us, and find out more about how we created MedCare.


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