DesignPriscilla Ikhena

AR Ruler

DesignPriscilla Ikhena
AR Ruler

Augmented Reality (AR) Ruler

Role: Software Developer

Timeline: 2 weeks

Tools: Xcode, Swift, SceneKit, ARKit.

Team: Just me/Personal Project

Github Files: AR Ruler Repo.


Every-time I move into a new space, and need to buy furniture, I often have to go through the laborious task of first buying a measuring tape, and then measuring each angle in the house to know what furniture would fit in what space. I was thinking of ways to simplify this experience, and came up with a solution called - AR Ruler.

I developed AR Ruler, an iOS Augmented Reality application, using SceneKit and ARKit to allow the user touch on two points in their real world 3D space, and then calculates the distance between them in real time.

When the user touches on a point, it adds a red dot to that point, and then displays the distance (in meters) in 3D text between two red points.

The video below shows a demo of how it works. I first measure the length of my TV stand (1.5479 meters), and then the length of my coffee table(0.4763 meters).

The app retains the result displayed in the same position it was detected in.



Buying Furniture:

This technology could be used to easily measure one’s space before ordering furniture online or buying them in person as mentioned above. It could also be incorporated into furniture buying applications such as IKEA.

Moving Trucks:

It could also be used to measure a moving truck while moving, to determine if your pieces would fit in properly.


I envision this technology being used to determine whether to order an Uber or Uber XL for a delivery.