Fashion, allPriscilla Ikhena

Nerdly Beautiful

Fashion, allPriscilla Ikhena
Nerdly Beautiful

Project: Nerdly Beautiful

Role: Creative Director, Founder, CEO.

Type: Blog, Visual Storytelling, Content Creating

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Web Development,, Canon Rebel T5i

Skills: Creative Direction, Visual Storytelling, Writing, Content Creation, Photography, Web Design

Nerdly Beautiful, is a blog I created in 2013 during my bachelors, because I felt quite out of place with my peers while studying Computational Mathematics, and needed the creative outlet. What initially began as a passionate hobby, has overtime evolved to a business and platform that allows me express my love for visual storytelling, through fashion, photography, videography, culture and travel.

As the creative director and owner of this blog, I have had the opportunity to work with brands, photographers, and designers, to create inspiring content that allow potential customers view beautiful imagery and build a connection with their products.

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