Tech, Design, allPriscilla Ikhena

Art Beyond the Eyes

Tech, Design, allPriscilla Ikhena
Art Beyond the Eyes

Project: Art Beyond the Eyes

Role: User Experience Researcher, Interaction Designer, Product Manager

Type: HCI, Affective Computing.

Tools: Sketch, Microsoft Emotion API, iMovie

Skills: Mobile App Design, Product Management, Interaction Design

Art Beyond the Eyes is an application that allows an individual, experience paintings in a musical form. Where each painting has its own unique sound/song, based on the emotions that are depicted in the painting.

Our intention for creating such an application was to enhance the experience of viewing art, and also to provide a way for individuals who are visually impaired to experience art in a unique way.

For this project, I was responsible for all things related to design research and the interaction/UX design, as well as the product’s overall development, delivery and user engagement.


We started this process by highlighting the core functionalities we wanted the application to have, listed in the picture above.

We then went on to carry out evaluations and usability tests with potential users, including individuals who are visually impaired, in order to get their feedback and reiterate on our application.