Madaraka Music and Fashion Show

Madaraka Music and Fashion Show

Project: Madaraka Music and Fashion Show

Role: Show Curator, Stylist.

Type: Fashion and Music Show, Fundraising.

In the summer of 2017, I curated and organised a music and fashion show to raise funds for an organisation - One Vibe Africa with a mission to promote social welfare, and economic empowerment through creative cultural and innovative programs and events. Their goal is to lessen neighbourhood tensions, prevent community deterioration and prevent juvenile delinquency amongst the youth in Kenya. 

Please read more about what they do here -

In addition to working with the non-profit, this project also entailed working with a variety of artists from different sectors, such as fashion designers, make-up artists, photographers, musicians, light and sound directors, models, photographers, videographers, etc.. To create a harmonious, fun and uplifting experience.